Paxton Gate


Paxton Gate is a pretty great shop on N Mississippi owned and operated by Andy and Susan Brown that has probably the most interesting collection of things I’ve seen.  There is really probably a gift for anyone in that store, from plants to home goods to stuffed theatrical mice.  Some artists included in the store include Andy Paiko, Alicia Carrier, Peter DeRosa, Skylaar Amaan, Val Kasinskas, Jennifer Ament, and Pigeon Toe Ceramics.   Go there.

Link: Paxton Gate PDX

3 thoughts on “Paxton Gate

  1. I have been to Paxton Gate and it haunts me. I have treasures from there that I would never give away. It is a tiny place and I could spend hours in there imagining what I would do with every splendid item. Go, just go.

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